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    Smart grid system

    AP900 product line offers perfect arclight protection solution

    AP900 product line offers perfect arclight protection solution. Updated technique adopted in design brings simple operation as well as guarantee flexibility and function. It satisfy growing application of medium & low voltage switch cabinet and control cabinet and covers a series of solutions to basic separate module as well as complex system.

    Design and testing of AP900 product line comply with the latest standard applicable to protective device and are suitable for any environment of power grid, power plant, wind power, offshore, ship, oil, natural gas, mining, steel and other heavy industries, commercial field and other infrastructures. Modular design is the best choice for newly-built or improved arclight protection installation.


    Technical Features

    ■ As fast as 2ms tripping time
    ■ Quick arc extinguishing realized by connection to AQ 2000 arc-extinguishing device

    ■ Easy adaptation to any switchgear and trip scheme
    ■ Multiple usable arc sensors
    ■ Long distance possible between units
    ■ Practically an unlimited number of units can be interconnected

    ■ Standard Hardwiring practice communication between modules
    ■ High external interference insulation level: highest level of EMC test approved
    ■ Optional binary input threshold voltage
    ■ Full Self-supervision of all system components and interconnections
    AP900 standard arc Scheme approach for fast engineering and simple setting  
    ■ Auto configuration function with one pushbutton operation
    ■ Installation downtime often limited to hours

    ■ Optimized cost structure by elaborate component selection
    ■ Standard cable used for interconnection and sensor wiring
    ■ Quick sensor installation and wiring
    ■ Cable can be cut to length on site

    AP900 Standard Arc Protective Solution
    ■ Reduction in engineering cost
    ■ Quick and simple commissioning
    ■ Less after-sales costs