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    Smart grid system


    Power consumption monitoring of a system requires accurate information on system’s energy consumption and precise monitoring on quality of electric energy from the power grid. AP120 monitoring module provides a perfect solution to various measurement functions necessary to monitoring electrical equipment in power distribution system.

    Provided with friendly human-machine interface, high-precision measurement, electric energy quality analysis, power metering, Demand, communication protocol support and alarming control, AP120 is a cost-effective alternative of traditional meter to reduce design, installation and wiring cost.

    Owing to compact size and strong anti-interference design, AP120 is extensively applied to intelligent power distribution system or automation system in public utilities and industrial fields.


    Measuring and Monitoring
    ■  Integration of complete electrical parameters measurement and electric energy quality analysis
    ■  Power consumption monitoring/ sub-metering/ cost assignment
    ■  Telemetering of various electrical parameters
    ■  Binary input for Switch position and alarming signal
    ■  monitoring for electric quality
    ■  0.2% of measuring precision
    Equipment Monitoring and Control
    Various types of analog and digital IO extension module
    Systematic monitoring and control
    Disturbance and Electric Quality Analysis
    Abnormal disturbance capture; maximum & minimum value and appearance time record
    1-50th harmonic analyses including THD
    Unbalance of voltage & current
    Cost Assignment and Charging
    Four consumption rates, twelve periods, timesharing multirate power consumption metering
    Demand and Power Factor Control 
    Avoid automatic load rejection and realize relay output startup by setting value to control load or capacitor bank to manage demand or power factor in dispatch, pitch peak and control of capacitor bank
    Built-In Real Time Clock 
    Real time clock in power monitoring meter displays the standard time and the time when measured and recorded maximum and minimum time appear, to realize function of 4 rates 12 periods timesharing charging and 1,000 event records.
    It is designed with 36 definable over-limit alarm parameters. If the selected monitoring parameter exceeds off-limit threshold continuously, the event recorder with time scale will be triggered and the set alarming output of alarming relay will be driven.
    Maximum & Minimum Value Recording
    Able to record the maximum & minimum value and the appearance time
    High-Precision Measurement
    Metering precision of power charging and cost assignment to IEC 62053-22 Level 0.5S and ANSI C12.20 Level 0.5S
    RS485 communication interface in accordance to EIA Standards and Modbus RTU communication protocol, which ensures HVA20’s integration to electric energy management system or power automation system