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    When “Attitude” becomes the Gene, Style, and Brand of An Enterprise Interview with Johnson Zhuang – General Manager of Xiamen Huatech Switchgear Co., Ltd.

    time 2016-03-18
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    At each development and technology forum for complete-set equipment jointly held by Saier Media and China Designers website, a great number of high-end equipment manufacturers in the power industry will bring their leading-edge products, technologies, services and solutions for the industrial users. However, at the complete-set switchgear conference held in Xiamen, we see an enterprise which is refreshingly different from other enterprises. The company makes its presence felt through its superior products and systematic holistic solutions. Evolving from a company providing users with high-quality power transmission and distribution equipment two decades ago to an enterprise offering users with integrated solutions, to making its outstanding contribution in the nuclear power market, airport market, and chemical industry market sectors, this company has won extensive recognition and high praise from users. These abundantly explain their success. Nevertheless, they keep a low profile and consistently make endeavors to boost the rapid development of the industry. 

    Without bearing any special marks, there are dedicated “to becoming the global leader in the research and development of intelligent power transmission and distribution equipment”; without chanting fancy slogans, they harbor the ambitious goal of “becoming the world’s preferred manufacturer and service provider of intelligent power transmission and distribution equipment”. In the everyday work, we see a sense of tenacity in their efforts. As the co-organizer of this conference, the company brings not mere talk but the cases of successful project application and refreshingly different ideas for product development, as well as their intention to make contribution to the industry. Perhaps, we do not know them enough in the past. Now, let us follow General Manager of Huatech Johnson Zhuang to take a close look at this company’s culture!

    Saier Media: As a co-organizer of the conference, could you talk about the advantages of Huatech’s latest research results in the application such as design, manufacture, and performance, and the application of outstanding facilities in various fields of power sector.

    Mr. Zhuang: For twelve years, Huatech has been dedicated to providing users with high-quality power transmission and distribution equipment, and won high recognition and praise from the users in the various sectors. Huatech products have gained popularity and trust. This is inseparable from the importance we have attached to independent development and lean manufacturing. Each year, part of revenues has been earmarked for basic research of products and forward-looking technology research. In this process, we cooperate with foreign and domestic professional research institutions in applying the latest technology and techniques to the development and production of intelligent, environmentally friendly power transmission and distribution products and to the solutions in the power sector. Meanwhile, we make huge investment to integrate resources, promote the perfect fusion of primary and secondary devices, set up R&D platform for development of intelligent power transmission and distribution equipment products and build a new, efficient operating platform. Today, Huatech now becomes a system service enterprise providing users with holistic solutions rather than simply the power transmission and distribution products. The business achievements are as follows:

    1. In the nuclear power market. Since Huatech entered the nuclear power field in 2006, its products are still operating reliably at Qinshan Nuclear Power Station (the user specifically sent the thank-you letter). In May, the product passed the national appraisal for ACP1000 nuclear power technology (Hualong No. 1 nuclear power with proprietary technology) (appraisal conclusion: products reach the advanced level for similar products on the global market).

    2. In the airport sector. The products boast good operating performance during its use at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. We recently provided power transmission and distribution equipment for Baiyun Airport, etc.

    3. In the chemical industry. Over the years, our products have been adopted by Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC, and won praise from the users. Over the years, Huatech has provided the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid with a lot of high-performance power transmission and distribution products in such sectors as key substations, digital substations, intelligent substation, and local distribution networks, thereby contributing to the sturdy, smart grid and 3C green grid.

    In recent years, Huatech, by virtue of its high-quality products, has entered the high-end markets, such as big data centers in Gui’an District, Changchun subway, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail and other rail transport market, with fruitful results. These go to prove that Huatech brand and its products have won a high degree of recognition from the market and users.

    Over the years, Huatech has accumulated a wealth of experience in two key sectors: First, core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, with 15 patents (200810070980.7, 201210091988.8 etc.), and four PCT international patents; second, the users we have served. We have consistently adhered to the concept of “Technological innovation leading the trend” and are committed to providing clients with high-quality, reliable, safe, environmentally friendly intelligent power transmission and distribution equipment products and solutions, guaranteeing the reliable operation of the power grid and the construction of smart grids.

    Saier Media: Huatech is a global outstanding enterprise in the power transmission and distribution switchgear. In the face of the great demand for electricity and strict requirements in the industry, especially in technological innovation, what goals does your company set to boost the development of the industry?

    Mr. Zhuang: Back in 2011, Huatech embarked upon the research and development of primary and secondary device integration, and intelligent power transmission and distribution products in the business sector. We have also applied the proven scientific research programs to the switchgear, and taken the lead in building smart grid research center, and establishing EMC test center. After the establishment of research center, Huatech shares the completed intelligent power transmission and distribution products and system solutions with the industry experts, users and peers. As a result, Huatech has been successively awarded the advanced unit by China Electrical Equipment Industry Association and Working Committee on Smart Grid Devices. In order to boost the rapid development of intelligent switchgear industry, the “Intelligent Transmission and Distribution Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance” was established in August 2013 under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Its members include upwards of 60 Chinese leading enterprises in the power transmission and distribution sector such as Huatech Switchgear Co., Ltd., Aerospace Science and Industry Shenzhen (Group) Co., Ltd., and ABB (China) Medium Voltage Products Technical Center. Huatech became one of the first president units of the Alliance.

    Saier Media: As we all know, your company’s products have penetrated different industries, especially the full range of intelligent products and solutions. Could you please talk about your company’s unique advantages of these solutions?

    Mr. Zhuang: I give an example to illustrate these. In 2013, my company, together with other two multinationals, participated in the bidding for the magnesium metal integration project for Qinghai salt lakes. Unlike the general substation’s requirements for GIS products, this project was targeted at transformer substation for calcium carbide furnace in the chemical industry. The supplier needs to develop 110kV GIS phase selection switch to meet specific applications of switching capacitor banks, thus effectively reducing the overvoltage and high inrush current generated during switching process. It is the world’s first set of projects for 110kV switching capacitor banks. For this project, the company set up a special project team staffed with high-caliber primary and secondary research staff and participated in the development and validation of the overall program. Through cooperation with Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Canada Hearst Institute, my company finally secured this order on the basis of in-depth technical communication with client and the best primary and secondary cooperation program. The technology of this product has been highly recognized by the industry experts (Canada Hearst) and clients. So, for the industrial users in the future, there are high demands for the enterprise to provide holistic solutions. In the absence of strong system integration capabilities as the support, we will be placed at a disadvantage in the competition for future large projects. Practice has proved that, Huatech has developed powerful system solutions through the many years of integration, and is capable of providing the users with integrated system solutions.

    Saier Media: the “Internet +” dovetails with the internet marketing of Huatech. While focusing on product development and manufacturing, what measures will the company take to improve the marketing network and local branches?

    Mr. Zhuang: At present, China is in the middle of economic restructuring and the market downturn persists. In the face of the slowdown in infrastructure, etc. as well as the ensuing market competition and huge changes in the industry, Huatech clearly recognizes the market bottlenecks and will continue to respond to market changes, and carry out the product upgrading and enterprise transformation. In the face of the “Internet +” and new challenges, Huatech implements reforms and changes, specifically in the following points:

    1. In the sales support. It will improve efficiency of mobile office platform to respond quickly to market; continue to improve the competence of professional GIS/SGS sales team to meet the personalized market demand; optimize back-end management support; integrate the sales support, marketing, business, and centralized management of tender offers to streamline the internal procedures; Improve quality, efficiency and service levels.

    2. Sales network layout. Integration of sales network layout. It divides the sales network in China into North region and South region and EPC center for big accounts. Reduce internal communication links, improve operational efficiency of sales team, and strengthen cooperative capability. At the same time, actively explore the feasibility of e-commerce mode for marketing in the electrical power industry.

    Saier Media: For a long time, Huatech brand image has been rooted in the minds of users, and has won the favor of users worldwide. It has also won the market. It shows that your company has achieved a resounding success in creating a good brand image. Could you please share the experience of your company’s success?

    Mr. Zhuang: For product development, it is easier said than done. For brand, it is even more difficult. Brand building is a long-term process. We often talk about China’s high standards of manufacturing capability and level. However, there are few well-known Chinese brands in the world, and this is completely incompatible with China’s image as a big manufacturing country. I think the whole industry or the society is not down-to-earth. An earnest attitude will take you far. As long as you are willing to spend time and energy in the brand building, and make the conscientious attitude as the gene and style of the enterprise, a good brand will be built without efforts. For the past years, Huatech relies on the practical and pragmatic style, and gradually wins the hearts of clients by providing high-quality, reliable products.

    Saier Media: It is reported that Huatech’s strategic development objectives are to “become the world’s preferred leader in the research and development of intelligent power transmission and distribution equipment and the world’s preferred manufacturer and supplier of intelligent power transmission and distribution equipment”. To these objectives, in what aspects will your company carry out the overall plan?

    Mr. Zhuang: Huatech adheres to the corporate concepts of “independent innovation” and “to become the industry leader in smart power transmission and distribution industry”. It will continue to increase investment in market, R&D, and manufacturing to upgrade and improve the operating platform. In the second half of this year, we will invest heavily (RMB 100 million) in fully upgrading the R&D and manufacturing operating system. We think about things before actually embarking on these. We aim to build a smart factory with a high degree of integration of industrialization and IT application, especially 3D printing, advanced robotics, Internet of Things, and digital supply chain, in order to make “disruptive innovation” in existing manufacturing. It liberates people from manual work, and realizes the operation mode of “Internet +” for intelligent manufacturing by means of its flexible human services market and perfect quality. The power system remote operation and maintenance system software application (in the middle of being developed) is a typical “Internet +” concept, so that Huatech commits itself to the electrical power industry, continue to provide partners and clients with more comprehensive power system products and system solutions, and provide strong support for “China Manufacturing 2025”, “Internet +” and “One Belt, One Road” development goals.

    Through the conversation with Mr. Zhuang, we understand that Huatech’s strength lies not only in the long-term safe and stable operation of its equipment in a number of projects, and different services, but also in their ability to grasp the development trend of the industry. Perhaps some enterprises deem the services as meeting the needs of users. However, what Huatech people show is only part of the success story. They dedicate more energy to the needs of clients, and the development of products suited to the relevant industries. Their products satisfy the needs of users, and are also in line with the requirements of the industry for development. Huatech people have succeeded in changing the manufacturing services to innovation services. While leading the development of the industry, it also takes the initiative as evidenced by outstanding enterprises. While engaging in innovation and creativity in the industry, it exhibits its own R&D strength, motivation, and charm of the growth. It serves the industry, wins the hearts of clients and accomplishes its objectives.