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    Ironman Sports meeting of the “Running, Huatech!” Competition

    time 2016-03-18
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    In the morning of July 18, 2015, Xiamen Huatech Switchgear Co., Ltd. hosted the ironman sports meeting of the “Running, Huatech!” competition. Ten vibrant teams composed of employees from various departments of the company took part in the competition and threw themselves into the game to their heart’s content in early summer morning. The Games was held on the second floor at the workshop. The staff have put the site in order and the participants also put on the sportswear as required by the Games, girding up their loins for the big try. Competition is divided into steeplechase, guessing game, different tug of war, and brand tearing. Based on the point accumulation, each team earns points by winning matches, and the team with the highest aggregate points won the Games.

    Opening ceremony of the sports meeting After the General Manager Johnson Zhuang delivered a wonderful speech, and the athletes have taken their oath, the sports meeting was declared open. The first was steeplechase. Through cooperation, members of each group jointly complete the required sports events and the team which completes the events fastest wins. This requires not only speed but also test their strength. A young girl carries a man twice her own body weight. It is no easy matter breaking the barriers between people and establishing the basis of mutual trust to win success. For the guessing game, what is most important is the tacit understanding between the players. Tug of war proves that brute force does not necessarily lead to success. It also requires the skills for using force and the rhythm among team members. We have derived great benefits from this. We, as a member of the team, understand the responsibility to be borne, and experience the joys of success brought by devotion, collaboration, and courage. We are deeply aware of the importance of teamwork.

    Tug of War Undoubtedly, the most intense item is the brand tearing. The players showed irresistible bursts of vigor, especially several “tomboys” who, not to be outdone, exhibited superior fighting spirit and combat ability. It was an exciting scene, with happy laughter and cheerful voices. Of course, the cheerleaders chanting one after another added lively activity to the already fiery scene.

    Brand tearing In response to the calls for nationwide fitness, this company aims to cement internal cohesion, promote the friendship between colleagues and enrich spare-time life for employees. Through the most popular activities, the employees experience funs in the competition and make gains in a joyful manner. Although the half-day activities have successfully come to an end, the significance of the activities has far exceeded the original expectations. Finally, the oxen team from sales support team became the champion in this“Running, Huatech!” competition. The MVS / LVS invincible team and SGS Wolves team won the second and third place. General Manager Johnson Zhuang awarded the trophy to the top three teams and posed for group photos.